What is a Blog? How is a Blog

In 1993 Rob Palmer began working for a company in London where he wrote a quarterly publication for the company and posted it on their website. Venezuela Phone Number List Considering the World Wide Web was going open source, the company decided to continue this quarterly publication as a free online journal—or what’s now known as a blog. While Palmer was blogging for this early online company, less than a year later, personal blogging was born by 19-year-old Justin Hall. His blog really only Venezuela Phone Number List consisted of ramblings and links, but people (and companies) quickly took notice of the potential of this new sharing platform. While the term Venezuela Phone Number List online journal” and “online diaries” can certainly be a mouthful, in 1997 Jon Berger, an American blogger, coined the term “weblog,” which was quickly shortened to “blog.

Is it better to have a blog or a website?

In 1998, Open Diary was born. This platform provided people a place to share their thoughts and ideas while also allowing others to comment. More blogging platforms Venezuela Phone Number List LiveJournal, Blogger, Tumblr and Manga soon emerged. Then in 2003, blogging changed forever when two college kids developed WordPress, a content management system Venezuela Phone Number List (CRM) that now powers over two-thirds of the Internet. In 2007, micro-blogging emerged with the emergence of Twitter and the ideal blog post length at the time was around 300-400 words. Venezuela Phone Number List In 2016, WordPress opened up the .blog domain extension, solidifying the popularity of blogging in a major way.

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What’s the difference between posts and pages?

So here we are in 2021, with approximately 70 million new posts being published every month on WordPress. And even though the average blogger Venezuela Phone Number List spends about three and a half hours writing a 1,500-word post, their audience reportedly only spends about 37 seconds reading it. While a seemingly sad statistic, there are certainly ways that bloggers can Venezuela Phone Number List increase that 37 second read time. One of the main differences, is that a website is comprised primarily of pages—such as the home page, a services page and contact Venezuela Phone Number List page. A website can even be just one single page. A blog, on the other hand, is comprised of both pages and posts (of which there are usually more posts than pages).Each post is its own distinct article, most often hosted on the blog page of the greater website.

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