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March saw a bit of a drop in overall traffic compared to the previous month, hovering around some of the lower readership numbers I’ve seen on my site in at Senegal Phone Number List least a few years. While I’ve mentioned a few times recently that this is due largely to increased volatility in some of my key organic search rankings (fueled by several major Google algorithm updates over the past year), Senegal Phone Number List I’m now spending most of my work time on experimenting with technical SEO tweaks and exhaustive content updates to halt the decline I’ve been seeing Senegal Phone Number List which seems (for now) to have slowed in pace.

Blog Income Breakdown for March 2021

I’ve mentioned in the last couple of income reports that I’m carefully monitoring this activity, but it’s also important for me to hold the context that short-term Senegal Phone Number List volatility has always been the norm within this extremely competitive niche, and I know exactly what works best for maintaining high-ranking content over the long-term… which is comprehensive, Senegal Phone Number List useful content Thankfully, I’ve spent the better part of a decade perfecting my editorial calendar template—both to manage content as I grow my own blog, and in growing the blogs Senegal Phone Number List of the world’s top startups like LinkedIn, Google, Zen desk, Adobe and more. You can grab my template for free right here:

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That’s it for my March 2021 blog income report

Ultimately, I’m grateful that I can zoom out to see a clear pattern (with 8+ years of traffic history) that peaks and valleys are the norm. With that in mind though, it requires Senegal Phone Number List a healthy dose of pro activity and willingness to experiment in order to rebound from the low points. I’m continuing to implement some key SEO improvements that I can identify—Senegal Phone Number List of which I rely in part on Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool for actionable insights and specific fixes—while regularly updating my key articles to make sure they stay fresh Senegal Phone Number List and helpful for my readers.

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