Top 2016 Topics, Companies, and People [CCO Recap]

February is still our content strategy issue. (Think of it like content marketing for engineering types.) We gave you a list of key content strategy terms and a beginner’s guide to structured content, but my favorite article was a profile of the Cleveland Clinic’s amazing content team. The article focused on how Cleveland Clinic uses brand guidelines to tell a consistent story across the organization. (Little did we know at the time that the team’s Content Marketing Director, Amanda Todorovich, would win Content Marketer of the Year!)

Also in February there was a small issue

On interactive content. We’ve shown you an example from PotashCorp, a fertilizer manufacturer that created a web application to help farmers calculate how much fertilizer to use. The app includes a nutrient ROI calculator and rainfall tracker. In a world of highly utilitarian content, it doesn’t get any more useful than that.

Want an example of highly utilitarian content? Check out the @PotashCorp app via @SoloPortfolio. Click to tweet
Content marketing by agencies and brands
April is our agency number. Among other things, we always print a list of content agencies worldwide. When we started the list in 2014, it barely filled two pages. In 2016 he filled five pages and in 2017 the list will grow again. (You can also submit your agency.)

What CCO roundup would be complete without an entry from Story Worldwide founder Kirk Cheyfitz? In 2016, Cheyfitz called out advertisers for all the scary tactics they use to get attention. Cheyfitz pleaded with advertisers, “If you want to serve your customers, you Singapore Phone Number have to be a fierce advocate for their audiences.”

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If you want to serve your customers, you have to be a fierce advocate for their audience, says @KirkCheyfitz. Click to tweet

Among my favorite case studies published in 2016 was one on Church’s

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Chicken (in an article on documentary storytelling). The fast food restaurant has produced an online documentary series about the world of competitive speed drumming. (For a niche hobby like speed drumming, it’s amazing to think that all eight webisodes generated 5 million views.)

Barry Poltermann, founder of About Face Media, which produced the series, explained: “Documentaries have huge audience appeal – just click on your Netflix menu to prove it. Documentaries are also a convenient and affordable way to communicate with an audience.

Documentaries have massive audience appeal – just click your Netflix menu to prove it via @onionbap. Click to tweet
Riches of content marketing
In our ongoing efforts to profile content marketers, we’ve taken a long look at the content machinery behind Autodesk’s award-winning Line/Shape/Space (now Redshift) platform.


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