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You specialize in inheritance law you recently notic that the mia discourse or the news sites are discussing the subject, it is important that your website is also updat on the subject so that those who are looking to read about the field can come across the articles on your site on  of inheritance law thus actually promote the site in an organic relevant way for The surfers. Upgrading the user experience Even if you have original high-quality content on your site, the surfers may abon it if the navigation is cumbersome, the design is not mobile-friendly the page spe is extremely slow. This is the reason that when doing website promotion for lawyers, you must invest in the user experience.

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As part of the promotion of the website, the website promoter optimizes your website, which includes, among other things, making the website responsive. With almost half of the internet traffic coming from our mobile phones, it is very important that your website is mobile friendly. A responsive site is a site where the screen display is adapt to the different screen sizes such as smart phones, tablets, laptops desktop List of Real Phone Numbers computers. The navigation on such a site is very convenient, there is no ne to “zoom in” to enlarge the screen, every element appears in its place. Beyond making the site responsive, the site promoter will improve page spe.

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Studies have found that when surfers enter a website whose loading time lasts more than 3 seconds, they prefer to abon it move to another website. By making your site faster, you can provide a better user experience to your surfers thus encourage them to stay on the site even return to it. Obtaining Optin List external links Another very important aspect of the website promotion process for lawyers is obtaining external links. This means that other sites insert links leading to your site. The more external links a site has, the more authoritative it is perceiv by Google rank in the first positions. 

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