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What’s the next stepFirst we talk briefly about the different stations in the sales route to the customer, let’s go into more detail about that. Station Campaign The first stop is a sponsor campaign on one of the platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Instagram, etc. Defining the campaign is perhaps the basis of the entire sales chain we are talking about. Defining irrelevant target audiences. Unbalanc distribution of the budget weak copywriting in the campaign itself can damage the entire process. Talk to the client, underst from him who his target audience is. Prepare questions in advance try to get as much information as possible about of the clients.

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We must not forget that we always improve further along the way, after performing AB Testing (experiment wondering) understing. What works better what less. Station Ling pages for businesses Creating an advertising ling page, concise, short to the point, the main purpose of which is to sell Uruguay Phone Number List or collect surfers. Details for a form of telephone sales. As long as the characterization of the campaign is carri out correctly, then the. Surfers who reach the ling page are actually a relevant target audience available to become full-flg customers.

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Catch the surfers’ eye on the opening screen. Give add value, be concise practical of course motivate action, follow this recipe you are on the right path to success.nd last station: telephone sales remarketing This station is divid into two, in fact if surfers have left details on the ling page, it means they Optin List are ready to become customers, all that remains is to give them the little push remove any doubts they may still have. The role of the telephone face-to-face salesperson is to make the surfer become a customer, it is no longer in the hs of the marketer , he has already done his part can define the campaign as a success as long.

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