Presumably this is also the focus of discussions between the union and the management

Lion at Hsinchu Jiekou Hsinchu Siege Lion was Poland Phone Number the first to announce the salary system and salary transparency. Looking at other professional leagues in Asia, KBL and CBA have salary caps, and KBL has even achieved full salary transparency, while CBA is gradually becoming transparent, leaving only Japan’s B League and P.LEAGUE+ to stay at no salary cap. and salary opaque stages. In the first two points of the team announcement of the siege lions at Hsinchu Jiekou salary transparency can provide players with more bargaining chips when negotiating contracts and players’ performance will be inspected by fans and players.


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One of the rights, with the establishment of the player union of P.LEAGUE+,. The salary cap is obviously to allow each team to  compete. Fairly and it will not cause the team’s strength to be obviously unequal because the team has more resources. All-Star Game and Cross-League Games In the entire NBA season. The most exciting thing is the playoffs and the All-Star Game. It must be very exciting to watch the best star players of the year compete against each other as. Well as the slam dunk contest, the three-point shooting contest, etc. The additional game, and the attention of the fans must not be a problem.

Poland phone number

At the beginning of the season


the CEO once said that he planned to hold the All-Star Game, but this year may be over because of the epidemic. However, I think the topicality of the All-Star Game and the feedback from the market must be worth it. You can even learn the NBA method. Select a city to hold the event to drive local economic benefits. 9ur3uzuhpss16 k9d1c1l7zq1cbji6x Photo Credit. WebMD The cross-league competition has always been discussed. Of course, with the current volume of P.LEAGUE+ it is not necessary to have contact with other leagues. But the Taiwan competition or the Taiwan All-Star Game must be very topical. Allowing three It’s fine for the best players in the league to play a game, but with the current situation, it’s not impossible to wait until all the best players are in P.LEAGUE+. ABL’s rematch and East Asian Super League. The Fubon Warriors successfully won the P.LEAGUE

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