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Therefore, we can differentiate influencers based on their content: 1# gamers gamers are video game lovers , with a very defined and loyal audience. They are dedicated to posting their videos, showing the latest discoveries that have come onto the market. They teach tricks and techniques with which to advance through the different screens. 2# athletes and lovers of healthy living they.For instance,  Are the content creators who are dedicated to. Promoting a healthy lifestyle. Raising awareness with their example about .The importance of a balanced diet and physical exercise. 3 # bloggers and vloggers they are those who. Have previously obtained popularity on their blogs. Or youtube channels , so they start with an advantage.

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For instance, Content on a specific Nigeria Phone Number category, reaching high rates of interaction among their audience, who consider them true authorities in their niches. Master in community management: company 4.0 and social networks become the voice of companies in social networks I’m interested! 4# photographers lovers of photography, they conquer the audience with the beauty of their images, without exposing their personal lives. They are characterized by the fact that they have knowledge of photographic art and the professional equipment they usually have. What is an influencer and how to become one – image 61 1024×726 5# travelers travel influencers make us dream of those great destinations that we would one day like to travel to on our way to work. They usually offer advice, tips and reviews of brands related to the tourism sector,

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For instance, Them in search of enhancing their marketing campaigns.  beauty experts very careful by the brands, who do not hesitate to invest in them and send them products , they usually bet on the publication of beauty tips and reviews of products that they try on their own skin. Some even have their own brands. For instance, You will find in them from professional makeup artists to makeup lovers. 7# activists in recent years, a significant number of experts have emerged with whom it is possible to find out and learn about different issues related to activism, whether at the level of eating habits , issues such as lgtbi diversity or specialized in issues such as art from a perspective . Of gender . They are accounts whose maximum added value is the learning we can obtain from subjects that interest us. 8# fashion lovers they are easy to recognize

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