How to Write a Blog Post Outline

When it comes to writing a blog post that not only drives in new readers, but also captivates their imaginations and leaves them craving more—you’ve got to start with a blog Portugal Phone Number List post outline to organize your thoughts, decide what’s critical to include and make certain you’re not missing any opportunities. The other thing an outline will do, is help you Portugal Phone Number List determine the real value of your blog post. Instead of sitting down and staring at a blank screen to start writing your blog post—you’ll instead take the time to research and create something Portugal Phone Number List unique that you know will be useful to your future readers. It’ll also show you what can be easily left out from this particular post (or better left for another day).

Determine the Key Takeaway for Your Readers

Now, we’re going to walk through my 8-step process to outline a blog post—using a real, working blog post outline to illustrate exactly how to do this along the way. Portugal Phone Number List When you get an idea for a blog post, a great first step is to determine your number one takeaway for readers. What do you want your readers to learn or to remember Portugal Phone Number List once they’ve finished reading? This is also a good time to think about what type of blog post you’re best served to write here. The variety in types of blog posts you can use to accomplish your goal is pretty extensive today—Portugal Phone Number List and each of these blog post formats have slightly different functions.

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How to Write a Blog Post Outline in 8 Easy Steps

Here are the most common types of blog posts

For example, if you’re writing a review post, you’re letting your readers know if a product or service is worth their time and money. Readers looking at reviews are Portugal Phone Number List often ready (or getting ready) to spend some money and they want your honest opinion, so that they can make an informed decision. On the other hand, a how-to guide should take a Portugal Phone Number List step-by-step process that a reader can easily follow. Portugal Phone Number List At the end of your post, they should have a framework for how to accomplish something on their own.

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