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Full name phone Legal correctness Just as lawyers should see the law as a fiddle at their feet, website promotion for lawyers should also be carri out in accordance with the law. For example, in terms of copyright, you should avoid copying legal articles from other websites, or stealing information about the client lawyer from another lawyer’s website. This is a violation of the law, a lawyer all the more must avoid it. Beyond that, Google penalizes sites whose content is copi not original. When the search engine scans different sites , it punishes the copying site, pushing it to the bottom of the search results sometimes even removing it from the results.

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Therefore, it is important to stick to original content avoid copyright theft. Website promotion for lawyers – emphasis on keywords One of the most effective tools for promoting lawyers on Google is the incorporation of keywords most relevant to the lawyer’s field of practice. You should focus on long tail phrases – these are keywords that contain at least 2 words. Long tail phrases make it possible to create a more target Northeast Phone Number List promotion, such as the field of specialization (for example, a real estate lawyer), a geographic area (for example, a lawyer in Jerusalem), or a combination of the two (for example, a real estate lawyer in Jerusalem). The lower the search volume of long tail phrases, the less competition there is for that phrase the faster the promotion will be.

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Website promotion for lawyers Website promotion for lawyers should appeal to a wide variety of audiences Many ne the services of a lawyer during life, young old alike. Therefore, when you promote a lawyer, you should appeal to both the young the older audience. Along with promoting Optin List the website, which is mainly aim at an adult audience, it is recommend to promote the law firm also on social networks intend for a younger audience, such as Facebook, LinkIn Twitter. It is important to invest in the management of a lawyer’s business page, in order to increase the exposure of the lawyer’s page website.

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