Liao Qingsong, Wen Tianxiang, Su Fuyu: Why has “Golden Horse Film Academy” become a unique existence in the international film industry

If you observe the Golden Horse. Film Festival held in November every year. It is not difficult to find . The Golden Horse four main axes – film festival.Venture capital, academy. And Golden Horse Award. Among them. Venture capital and academies .For movie fans from all walks of life. End even related film and television workers. Are more confused. This year’s Golden Horse theme on the key. Review website focuses on the Golden Horse Film Academy .Trying to gather the voices of different aspects of. The academy and explore the chang. Appearance of the academy. Since its establishment in 2009. The Golden Horse Film Academy  enter. Its 13th year.o communicate movies. Share ideas. An important platform to collide ideas.


Invite the industry’s top masters to pass on and teach

TRriggering students greater creative  energy and vision. The academy. Which Nepal Phone Number was inspired by director Hou Hsiao-hsien. Cultivate more than 100 students. Many of whom are film and television workers .Who  establish a firm foothold and gradually establish .Their style and reputation. The directors include Qiu Yang, Zhao Deyin. Chen Zheyi.Zeng Weiliang. Chen Shengji, Liao Kefa, etc. The photographers include Chen who won the Golden Horse and Golden Bell Best Cinematography for “The Madman” and “The Magician on the Flyover” respectively. Keqin, Liang Mingjia. Nominat for Best Cinematography. This year for “Drafting in Turbid Water”. and others. The screenwriters include Fu Kailing.Who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Adapt. Screenplay for “Back to School”. And the Golden Bell Award for. Adaptation of “The Magician on the Flyover”. Chen Hongren of the script and others.

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No matter short films, feature films

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TV, etc., there are works that are hard to ignore, and they become a force. of fresh water. . Including Wu Yusen, Guan Jinpeng, Li An. Chen Guo. Abi Chabang and others .Who  serv as guest lecturers. And the tutors are Yang Yazhe.Lin Shuyu. Lian Yiqi. Zheng Youjie and others shoulder. In recent years. The achievements of. The college are obvious to all. And cooperation from all walks of life continuously bursting out. including public television, HTC, mirror literature and other units all knocking on the door and ringing the bell to promote more possibilities. Hou Hsiao-hsien .And 5 cutting-edge directors create VR movies Photo Credit: Courtesy of Golden Horse Executive Committee Hou Hsiao-hsien, Dean of the Golden Horse Film Academy Chen Shengji (from left), Zeng Weiliang, Zhao Deyin (from right), Qiu Yang, and Li Zhong, and shared their creations The process of VR movie 5×1.

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