How WordPress Works And The

WordPress is now used by millions of people. In fact, it’s estimated that there are currently 19.5 Million websites using WordPress around the world—and it powers more than Uganda Phone Number List of all websites on the Internet. Not only that, but some of the biggest brands in the world use WordPress to power their websites and blogs, including companies like Tech Crunch, Uganda Phone Number List The Walt Disney Company, Mercedes-Benz, The White House, Etsy and many more… including mine that you’re reading from right here. What’s particularly great about WordPress is how diverse of a publishing platform it is. You can use WordPress to make almost any kind of website, ranging from Uganda Phone Number List an eCommerce store, to a blog, portfolio, membership site, business page, social network, online forum and more. The possibilities are truly endless.

What’s the difference between WordPress

Now, if you’ve started researching WordPress, then you may be confused by the fact that there are actually two versions of WordPress. There’s and Uganda Phone Number List, both of which go back quite far in the history of blogging. is essentially a website builder that also provides the hosting service for you (for a monthly fee). Uganda Phone Number List One benefit of using, is that you won’t need to use different third party web hosting company to get started. However, a drawback is that while Uganda Phone Number List uses the same software as, it doesn’t provide the same level of customization (more on that later).

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How WordPress Works and the Difference Between WordPress

What’s the cost to run a WordPress

There is a limited free version of but the paid plans offer more features and flexibility than the free version. Now that we’ve done a brief overview, let’s dive deeper Uganda Phone Number List into the difference between and WordPress. com. In order to get a clear idea about the difference between and Uganda Phone Number List, it’s helpful to compare multiple aspects of the two. While there are similarities between the two platforms, there are some pretty significant differences as well. Here’s a point-by-point guide Uganda Phone Number List explaining key similarities and differences between the two options. In this section, we’ll start by covering the cost to run a blog on each platform, the WordPress themes & WordPress plugins available to install, ease of use and customization capabilities.

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