Great Blog Designs and Layouts

To help you land on the right blog layout (that’ll attract and retain more readers), we’re going to break down the most crucial blog layout best practices and highlight 12 of the most Slovenia Phone Number List impressive blog layout examples from real-life websites, blogs and publications—so that you can take inspiration from the best when designing your own blog layout. By now, you’ve probably already started a blog of your own. You’re here for some inspiration (and advice) Slovenia Phone Number List on coming up with the best possible blog layout that’ll create a great experience for your readers. And while writing great content and driving in traffic are two of the top considerations for bloggers, Slovenia Phone Number List one aspect you may not have put as much thought into (yet) is the overall design and layout of your blog.

Blog Layout Best Practices (to Retain More Readers

Those who’ve already started blogging probably chose a WordPress theme at the beginning and allowed the general format of that theme determine your blog’s layout… Slovenia Phone Number List which is understandable (and what I did for several years here on my blog). Choosing a great theme is one way to make sure that your blog looks great, but it shouldn’t be the only factor in determining your blog layout. Whether you’re just starting a blog—or thinking Slovenia Phone Number List about redesigning your site, I’m going to show you several of the best blog layout examples, in addition to essential blog layout best practices you should follow in designing your blog.

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Great Blog Designs and Layouts to Inspire the Look of Your Blog

Organize Your Blog Layout for Easier Access

Though you’ll want your own blog to have a unique look within your niche, there are definitely some common best practices that all great blog layouts and designs Slovenia Phone Number List share in common. I recommend sticking to relatively basic fonts, at least for the body text (which people will be reading most). Simple fonts aren’t as visually exciting as some, Slovenia Phone Number List but utilizing a simple font will be infinitely better for your readers—and will encourage them to keep progressing through your content, rather than turn around and run for the hills. A good rule of thumb, is to avoid any font that feels like a novelty. Try to choose fonts that are easy to read and will age well. Slovenia Phone Number List Clean, simple and legible is the goal. Here are some examples of fonts that’d work well for just about any smart blog layout.

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