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It is important that you obtain external links from English-language websites. Conduct research check which are the most popular websites in English that your target audience abroad usually browses. Keep in mind that your target audience in Israel may be different from the target audience in a foreign country, as well as their interests. Contact those websites offer them a collaboration to get links. For example, you can offer a link exchange, so that your client’s website links to their website vice versa. That way everyone will benefit the promotional work will be successful in a big way. Another option is to buy links. If you have decid to work with website promoters that offer such a service, you should carefully examine which links exactly they buy.

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This way you can ensure that the links will be of high quality will give you the desir results. Website promotion in English on the local side Here in Israel, the biggest competition in the search engine is for general phrases less for local phrases. For example, when surfers search for the keywords “website Qatar Phone Numbers List promotion” they often do not enter the geographic location of the service, such as “website promotion in Petah Tikva”. One of the reasons for this is that Israel is a small country. The distance between the different cities is relatively small, there is no ne to get on a plane to meet with an English SEO company locat in another city.

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On the other h, in large countries such as the Unit States (which includes no less than 50 countries) or Canada, the geographical location is of great importance. Because of this, when promoting websites in English, emphasis should be plac on the locality. The phrase you wish to Optin List promote should be integrat with the geographical location of the target audience you wish to address. For example: “Building websites in New York”. When doing website promotion in English, you must take this into account emb the keywords on your. 

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