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Most surfers on this social network are 45-55 years old. On the other h, TikTok, which is bas on uploading short videosappeals mainly to the young audience – 32.5 percent of the users of the social network in the Unit States are 10-19 years old,percent of the users are 20-29 years old only 7 percent of the users are 50 plus years old. The target audience on Twitter is more diverse – 38 percent of users in the Unit States are between the ages of 26 percent of users are between the ages of 30-49.  promotion through various platforms external links Promotion in a foreign language requires you not only to promote the sites on social networks the Google search engine, but also on international sites.

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You can use the services of companies such as Tabula Outbrain that promote content on various websites in the English language. The content you wish to promote will appear at the bottom of articles in English under the heading “recommend for you” or “across the net”. The algorithm of these Portugal Phone Number List platforms, such as Tabula Outbrain, is bas on the content that the user has view. This way, he knows how to identify which content your surfers will be interest in, which recommendations should be “push” to them to motivate them to click.

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Beyond that it is possible to adjust the presentation of the content according to the demographic characteristics of the target audience – age, sex, location, interests, marital status, etc. In addition to this, it is very important to get external links. This is a prominent tactic in website Optin List promotion, especially during English website promotion, which includes obtaining links from external sources that will lead to your client’s website. The more mentions a website receives online, the higher its level of expertise in the eyes of Google it will be promot in the first positions of the search results. When you are addressing an English-speaking target audience.

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