Can go up the mountain. If people sneak into the mountain outside the opening period, they may be attacked by

Fujiko became an organization to make people feel at ease and help each other, and finally developed into a new religion. In Edo at that time, the phrase “Edo 880 lectures, 80,000 people in the lecture” was still popular. Eighty-eight and eighty-thousand are not real numbers. But describe the popular pomp  Fuji speaks.Although the common people in the Edo period became popular to climb Mount Fuji,. Mount Fuji is not a mountain that can be climb. At any time.The general public can only climb Mount Fuji between June 1 and July 20 of .The lunar calendar. At other times. Only Yamabushi and monks can enter the mountain. This is because the mountain beliefs at  time believ that Mount Fuji was a sacr. Place and people could not enter it casually. People who believe in mountains will preside over a religious ceremony to open. The mountain on June 1 of the lunar calendar every year.


After the ceremony, ordinary people

Can go up the Nepal Phone Number mountain. If people sneak into the mountain outside the open period. They may be attack by tengu.In addition. Japanese mountain beliefs and Shugendo  a deep origin And the places where Shugendo is practic will prohibit women from entering and leav. So in the Edo period and earlier, women could not climb Mount Fuji.In the Meiji era, Buddhism lost its privileges, and the influence of Shugendo the Buddhist umbrella also weaken. As a result, Mount Fuji was open to women climbing. Since the Meiji era changed the calendar to the Western calendar, the opening ceremony of Mount Fuji was also changed to the beginning of July in the solar calendar.

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The general public usually chooses

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July and August to climb Mount Fuji.n recent years. Japanese TV news has report. The news of the opening of Mount Fuji. In the Edo period, Mt. Fuji could only be enter 50 days . The opening ceremony, but there are also people climbing the mountain outside the opening of Mt. Fuji today.The significance of the current mountain opening ceremony is to inherit the tradition of ancient mountain beliefs, and the mountain hut on Mount Fuji will be open during the opening of the mountain. The person who manages the hut will try to prepare the hiking trails, and people who want to climb the mountain can eat, rest or spend the night in the hut. If you go up the mountain outside the opening period, you can only rely on yourself.Although Mt. Fuji is a mountain that the general public can climb, there are mountain disasters on Mt. Fuji every year. People have died every year for the past 10 years.

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