Blog Income Report for November How

Whew! This income report is coming to you late, but I’ve been Oman Phone Number List enjoying a lot of offline time exploring several of my favorite US National Parks these past couple of months, so my attention has been elsewhere. November saw a pretty consistent slide across the Oman Phone Number List board with my blog, from revenue remaining flat (due to a major affiliate missing a projected payout date), to a dip in traffic and drop in email subscriber growth. Income Oman Phone Number List came in at $23,024.04 and I brought in 191,989 readers—with 259,767 unique sessions.

Blog Income Report for November

Now, digging into the numbers for November… blog income stayed relatively static compared to last month (due in part to a delayed affiliate payout), but I’m still seeing Oman Phone Number List consistent commissions from my guide about how to start a blog and ramping up longer-term oriented gains with other monetized articles. We had another strong month of enrollments in my Oman Phone Number List comprehensive blogging course, Built to Blog: How to Get Your First 10,000 Readers and Earn Six-Figures Blogging (enrollments are still open, so come join us.

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That’s it for my November blog income report

In these monthly reports, I track my total income every month, including each individual source of that income, and associated expenses with running my business. Oman Phone Number List This is the good and the bad. Next, I break down the traffic to my blog which heavily impacts my income, including what’s performing best and how I’m working to drive in more readers. I also cover Oman Phone Number List how many email subscribers I’m at, the number of new subscribers acquired during the month, and what that growth trajectory looks like. You can find discussion forums within nearly every niche imaginable. The best part is that you don’t have to sift through thousands or millions of people Oman Phone Number List to find someone interested in your niche when you’re on these kinds of highly target sites (as you would on social media). It’s already a carefully organized group of people who are interested in the same types of things that you are.

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